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Old Ice Cream Buckets and Other Little Things

Mondays aren't always the easiest time to be feeling energized, but today is a good day.  First of all, we had a great weekend with parties, teams, families...even our staff got to bowl a little.  But, the thing I'm excited about today is a little less glamorous than the excitement of your own personal best game...or worst game, whatever: who said you had to be a good bowler to have fun?  I'm excited about ice cream buckets.  And here's why.

We save our old ice cream buckets (the ones you all empty while indulging in the Chocolate Lover's Sundae and other such goodies ).  And sometimes it becomes an annoyance, like when they claim an entire shelf that we really need for storing other things, and then proceed to overflow onto the floor.  But we don't believe in wasting useful things, and so we save them.  We save them because we already know that as soon as we post on craigslist that we have free ice cream buckets to give away, we will have a waiting list of people wanting them.  Yes, we actually have to disappoint people because there aren't enough empty ice cream buckets to go around.

And that's why I'm excited today: because I got to see our entire pile of empty ice cream buckets walk out the door to enjoy a new life as storage bins.  

Why not just recycle them?  Well, do you remember back in elementary school when you learned the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle?"  Those words were actually carefully placed in that order.  The most effective action is to reduce.  Then, try to reuse, then recycle.  Recycling is better than landfilling, but it is still an energy-intensive process that can be avoided by the first two steps  (for more info on that, check out this article).  

Our dedicated shelf of ice cream buckets actually enabled somebody to avoid going out and buying storage bins.  The recipient not only saved money, but was able to use an existing item instead of purchasing a new one: which is great in terms of resource management.

So our challenge for you on this Monday afternoon: do you have an item around your home or business that can be re-purposed rather than being placed in the trash or recycling?  If it's something that you think might not sell at a thrift store, try the free section of craigslist.  You'd be surprised what somebody else might be really excited to find.

Hey, none of us can do it all by ourselves.  It's all about the little things, like what you do with old ice cream buckets.