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What's local?

One of our beer reps came in this week with an awesome-looking flyer from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Ontario.  He wanted to know if we'd be interested in carrying their products.  It's a question that really stretched my mind because so far, we've simply said that we carry draft beer that is either 1) from Michigan or Northern Wisconsin or 2) from a brewery that has shown a significant commitment to sustainability.  But now the question is arising...if Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, why not Ontario (or the rest of Wisconsin, for that matter, which is probably as close to us as Detroit)?  And, how do we define a significant commitment to sustainability?  Do they need to have ongoing initiatives like New Belgium (check out their stuff here  Or is it enough to just state that they are concerned about social issues and the environment?  If they need to have established initiatives, what does that mean for the small breweries or the new breweries who can't afford to do the huge initiatives that the big guys can?

So, we'll be mulling this over amongst ourselves for the next few weeks.