Superior Entertainment Center

Bowling, Arcade, Local Food and Beverages

Hiring for Bowling & Kitchen Staff

Position Overview

New hires begin in the Utility position. The Utility position includes issuing bowling lanes and learning the point of sale and bowling scoring systems, fixing bowling lane stop and arcade breakdowns, assisting customers, assisting the rest of the staff as needed, and in-depth cleaning of the building. Depending on the staff member's personal preference and skill set, most new hires are then trained as KC within a few weeks of hire.

KC (Kitchen/Counter) is responsible for all the areas Utility handles, plus making food to order, maintaining health code standards, and ensuring that all food is prepped as needed.

High-performing staff members may go on to be trained as CS (customer service) - which is a tipped service position in the front of the house.

All employees must be 18 years of age or older.

What to Expect Working for Us

With so many areas of the business to learn – food service, bowling, arcade, customer service – the first several months on the job are challenging for new employees. We are looking for people who are comfortable jumping in, trying to figure out something they haven’t learned yet, and getting feedback from us on how they did. We are also searching for employees who are willing to give their opinions, and who will come to us if something is bothering them and work with us to find a solution. As a small business, we face many challenges and need our staff to work hard and efficiently to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Our work environment is challenging, stressful at times, but fun.Applicants must have open availability on Saturdays and Sundays. Friday night availability is preferred. Other hours are available during the week based on each person’s individual availability. Staff can choose to work the number of hours they prefer.

Applicants MUST have open availability:
Saturday, 10 am to 2 am
Sunday, 10 am to 1 am

Other work hours Monday-Friday, as it fits your individual schedule. You tell us how many hours you prefer to work each week and we will schedule accordingly

Free bowling and food & beverage discounts for staff and their families.

How to Apply
Please e-mail completed applications to or hand-deliver to 3060 U.S. 41 West in Marquette.

Download the application

datePosted: 2019-08-22